Cliche Music Post

I want to do a post with songs I LOVE. And artists too. Here it goes


Kurt Cobain’s voice is incredible

-Smells Like Teen Spirit


-Where Did You Sleep Last Night – My favorite right now

The Ready Set:


-The Ghost of Los Angeles

-T.F.E.R.A (acoustic)

-More Then Alive

Breathe Carolina:


-Hello Fascination


-Ruling Me -recent find, LOVE it

The Beatles:

Narrowed down, becuase I like most of their songs

-With a Little Help From My Friends

-Hey Jude -cliche I know, but It’s a really good song

-I am the Walrus

John Lennon:


30 Seconds To Mars:

-This is War

-Closer to the Edge- Video is amazing too

-The Kill

-Call To Arms

Never Shout Never:



-Coffee and Cigarettes

-On the Brightside


-iloveyoumorethanyouwilleverknow- <3

My Chemical Romance:

So, I am a HUGE MCR fan. I don’t anyone, becuase people here don’t listen them (sadly), who likes more than a few of their songs. In order to spread their music, I am making them the focus of this post. Mostly becuase they are going to release an album, release a music video today. Making me: Pumped.

-Na Na Na- thier new song is amazing. I love it! It’s really different from past things though, but good different. I HIGHLY recommend it.


-I Don’t Love You

-The Sharpest Lives

-The End

-Disenchanted -“and as we ran from the cops, we laughed so hard it would sting”


-You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison

So even this list is a bit cut short. But I live for music, so I would never finish if put all the music I think is worth your time. I have very varying taste in music, but I never really accepted super poppy things, such as Justin Bieber.

I hope you enjoy at least a few of these songs, I think most are great.


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