Fuck This

I’m still 2 1/2 years away from leaving this place. This fucking place. I love my friends, my family whatever. But it sucks.

Most of the time I like it here, its you know whatever. But what? People get so bored they have to get drunk, people are incredibly judgmental. Try being yourself. You won’t last one hour before your put down by so many and in so many ways that you change and adjust. You fit the mold.

I try helping my friends, I do. I try giving good advice. But what about when I need it? Fuck this. And once more, I have cried at night because I can’t tell someone. The one person I would talk to changed compeltely for someone I dislike. Awesome right? Thsi person was like my best friend, and now we barely talk. Sucks.

So yeah, I don’t care what i misspelled here. I am going to go blast my music and scream and cry until I can smile again.


Only 2 1/2 years.


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