Smiles For You

Most of my posts are super sad haha

I am a happy mst of the time, ask my friends. I live to make people laugh, but you know happiness barely ever makes us get in the the computer and write, or update your journal. Sure EXTREME happiness does, but regular contentment not so much.

So, in honor of just normal happiness, goes this post. Be happy, you don’t have to be ecstatic 24/7 (if you can be, good for you! ) but try and see the good of things. There always is a good side:)


So smile for yourself, smile for others, smile for the world. The world is a sad place as is, so lets try, I will try too, to make it a happier place. Who needs more bleakness? We need light.


I apologize for my sad posts, but they won’t end. I mean, when I’m sad I write. I will keep writing when sad. But I’ll try to write when happy too, so that this isn’t a big blog full of bad feelings. I’m human, my emotions go up and down. But I always return to being happy. I hope it’s the same for you.


Smiles for you.


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