“Music first. The rest, we’ll figure it out”


Some people smoke, some drink, some do drugs, some cut, some read, some scream.

I listen to music. Sometimes, I feel like its not a very good outlet, because sometimes it just makes you feel even more emotional. Thing is, I’m not interested in dulling my emotions. Music has given me that option, to channel my emotions healthily. Hey, maybe I’ll be on my I-pod more than your average joe, but I won’t get drunk or high every other day.


Some people listen to happy songs when they’re sad, in an attempt to cheer up. I just like amplify my mood with the songs I hear, anger equals hard rock, sadness-sad songs etc etc. Whatever I’m listening to just makes my feelings grow, it’s not weird for me to cry with a song if I’m sad.


So yeah, Music, my healthy outlet.


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