Crap That Makes Me Sad

If we start looking at all the bad things in the world, we would never end. this is also true for the good things of the world, but right now, I am in a crappy mood. So I want to focus on the crap side of the world.

For me, sadness and anger usually go hand in hand, so most things that make me sad, make me angry.

When my parents pretend to know me.

When I am judged.

When people jump to conclusions.

When they don’t listen.

When I am not taken seriously on serious matters.

When I am sad, and I get scolded for it.

When I try my best, but it isn’t enough.

When I don’t see a certain person.

When my friends aren’t there for me.

This is the pretty general things, other bad situations branch out of this. When I have to lie, when I get bad grades, When my opinions aren’t repected, When I hear really stupid things.

Me being sad results mostly in me crying. Never bottle up your tears, because most of the time, crying and feeling horrible for a minute, will help you feel better for an hour.


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