Annoying People

I a going to be a brat right now.

My parents, are the most annoying people I know as of right now. I love them, I am grateful for them, but they annoy the hell out of me. Every word I hear from them, makes me want to roll my eyes.
Some people say this is due to my teenage years, well, that could be true. However, its the hypocrisy of my parents that annoys me. They preach about the good behavior and values, yet they fail to follow them. Consideration? I have to have it, but them? Nah.

They refuse to give me my space.
Me doing homework equals me avoiding them, in their eyes.
When they piss me off, they expect me to smile.

I am probably being petty, bratty, annoying. But I am willing to bet anything, MOST OF YOU have felt the same some time of your life. Don’t lie now.


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