My Tweets: Thoughts on Twitter

I see lots and lots of posts about Facebook, and none about twitter! I’m sure they’re out there but I don’t see them.

I have mixed feelings about twitter. In an attempt to sort them out, while making a post, I have decided to do the Pros and Cons list.


1. I can see what celebrities think! – This may seem extremely superficial. And most celebrities just remind you to “Watch my video!” or “I’m on I-tunes!”. However, I don’t follow most of those celebrities. Maybe the people I follow can’t even be called celebrities. Some of the people I follow, are extremely witty. Their tweets make me laugh. Also, the fact that I can see what this super cool person I want to meet is thinking, is just freaking awesome.

2. No judgement for updating your status! – One of the best things of Facebook is the status update. However, on Facebook, when you update your status to much, you get annoying. Twitter is like status central, no one cares if you tweet to much (OK thats a lie, but no one cares that they care!). Update all you want!

3. The lingo is cute – This is a sucky reason, but I love saying “Tweet” or “Twitpic”


1. I feel stupid when I tweet- Because I am not a celebrity, I don’t have a zillion replies. So Tweeting is pretty much like talking to yourself. Cool? Yeah? No.

2. It gets boring– After you read all the tweets, what else is there to do? Sit around and wait for more tweets? Yeah, I don’t think so.

3. That stupid whale – That whale when twitter is to full. It’s so damn cute, yet you hate it.

4. The Trending Topics – Oh my god, the trending topics of twitter are horrible. They are without a doubt the dumbest things ever. I hate Justin Bieber, and lets just say the “beliebers” apparently have great power over the trending topics. Which makes me hate them even more. No one cares if it’s #mytimenow, or if #aliensatetheworld.

So those are my thoughts on twitter. I should go and capitalize Twitter, but I am sleepy so I’ll skip that. Even though there are more Cons than Pros, I’ll probably still check twitter alot, mostly becuase I get bored, and even though Twitter is not SUPER FUN it can be entertaining for a bit.

With that I leave you. Remember to go follow me! (Just Kidding)


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One response to “My Tweets: Thoughts on Twitter

  • simmmplicity

    Hey, can’t believe you randomly stumbled upon my blog! That’s awesome though. Ditto to almost everything say about Twitter. I don’t have one, but a lot of the stuff you said made me crack up because it’s veryyy true.

    I’m also a big fan of my ancient Converse Chucks and Across the Universe! And yay for music therapy.

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