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Let’s Be Positive


My blog is extremely negative haha

In an attemp to bring goodness and happiness to this blog, I shall focus on the good things! Yesterdays list was the things that made me sad. Today we’ll go the other way. I’ll even put pictures in an attempt to bring color and therefore joy.

Music- Makes me happy, most of the time at least.

Let’s Get Specific:

My Chemical Romance and The Ready Set make me smile, anything from them. A video a song, an interview. I smile

My friends make me pretty happy too. At least the good ones.

Weekends make me happy.

Water puts a smile on my face. I mean this as in, if I get a big water  bottle, cold, I am content

Sleeping and eating are two of my favorite things in the world.

A good book = :D

A good movie is good too.

My family, mostly my brothers and my uncle (who’s like a brother to me, due to the very small age difference).

Painting makes me happy, I enjoy it. However, when I get pushed to do something, I get frustrated.

Well then, I think that sums most of my happy things. I bet there’s more, but I feel like typing other stuff. More Posts on random crap coming up!

Be happy people, don’t be like yours truly, who’s been sad lately.




“Music first. The rest, we’ll figure it out”


Some people smoke, some drink, some do drugs, some cut, some read, some scream.

I listen to music. Sometimes, I feel like its not a very good outlet, because sometimes it just makes you feel even more emotional. Thing is, I’m not interested in dulling my emotions. Music has given me that option, to channel my emotions healthily. Hey, maybe I’ll be on my I-pod more than your average joe, but I won’t get drunk or high every other day.


Some people listen to happy songs when they’re sad, in an attempt to cheer up. I just like amplify my mood with the songs I hear, anger equals hard rock, sadness-sad songs etc etc. Whatever I’m listening to just makes my feelings grow, it’s not weird for me to cry with a song if I’m sad.


So yeah, Music, my healthy outlet.

Cliche Music Post

I want to do a post with songs I LOVE. And artists too. Here it goes


Kurt Cobain’s voice is incredible

-Smells Like Teen Spirit


-Where Did You Sleep Last Night – My favorite right now

The Ready Set:


-The Ghost of Los Angeles

-T.F.E.R.A (acoustic)

-More Then Alive

Breathe Carolina:


-Hello Fascination


-Ruling Me -recent find, LOVE it

The Beatles:

Narrowed down, becuase I like most of their songs

-With a Little Help From My Friends

-Hey Jude -cliche I know, but It’s a really good song

-I am the Walrus

John Lennon:


30 Seconds To Mars:

-This is War

-Closer to the Edge- Video is amazing too

-The Kill

-Call To Arms

Never Shout Never:



-Coffee and Cigarettes

-On the Brightside


-iloveyoumorethanyouwilleverknow- <3

My Chemical Romance:

So, I am a HUGE MCR fan. I don’t anyone, becuase people here don’t listen them (sadly), who likes more than a few of their songs. In order to spread their music, I am making them the focus of this post. Mostly becuase they are going to release an album, release a music video today. Making me: Pumped.

-Na Na Na- thier new song is amazing. I love it! It’s really different from past things though, but good different. I HIGHLY recommend it.


-I Don’t Love You

-The Sharpest Lives

-The End

-Disenchanted -“and as we ran from the cops, we laughed so hard it would sting”


-You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison

So even this list is a bit cut short. But I live for music, so I would never finish if put all the music I think is worth your time. I have very varying taste in music, but I never really accepted super poppy things, such as Justin Bieber.

I hope you enjoy at least a few of these songs, I think most are great.