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I mean, as long as we keep
living, there is always hope.
And that is beautiful.
And that sets us free.
Anything can happen.
We just gotta keep trying.

-Nic Sheff


These are among the most inspiring words I had ever read. They come from Nic Sheff’s blog, google it.

I mean, I always worry about what I will do with my life, will it be good, will I succeed?


The truth is, even if I take APs (which I should be doing now), hard classes, get into a good school, get a good job. My happiness, and the worth of my life doesn’t depend on that. I put the value on my life. I decide to make it worthwhile, maybe a diploma makes it worthwhile, maybe my friend’s laugh, or the eyes of the guy I like make it worthwhile. Maybe it’s all of it.