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Christmas Transition

This Christmas I noticed something. My younger brothers were getting presents from our family friends, but I was being excluded.

I know, Christmas is about giving and Jesus being born. But hey, I am a teenager and I want presents! I am not asking for anything fancy but even a card acknowledging that I am a part of the family you are gifting would be nice (if you wish to include money inside said card, no one is stopping you.)

Last year, I got presents. so maybe it’s that now they think that I’m too old or something. Well let me ask you something Mr. Family Friend. Do you like presents on your birthday? How old are you? Oh, 45 you say?

I thought so.

So, I am sorry if I sound super selfish and materialistic. Really I feel left out of the holiday cheer. And maybe you know, I like presents as much as my 8 year old brother.

Now hold your judgmental thoughts and ideas! Because I am willing to bet my non-existent gift, that you love presents as much as I do. You know I’m right


Depressed? Yes, no, maybe.

Finally talked to my mother about my depression thoughts. I think I may be depressed but I’m not completely sure,however I still want to talk to someone, a professional, to get help. I didn’t give her all the details or all the reasons, mainly because she and my dad are a big part of the bad things, but I did come clean at least. I feel I’m on the right track.

Whether I have depression or not, I am getting my confirmation. Mom asked me if I would rather wait or talk to someone soon, I went with soon.

If I am depressed, I’m glad I’m getting help. For everyone out there, if you even think you could be depressed. Talk to a professional, make that call, before it develops into something more serious. If its not depression, you haven’t lost anything.

Story Time

There was once a girl. She tried her very best to be there for all her friends. For the people she cared for the most. Then one day, she was in an incredibly good mood. She talked to one of her best friends, telling her the good news that had made her happy.

“That won’t work out” her friend said.

The girl just looked at her friend, and she felt the happiness and hope, which were pretty rare in her life, starting to disappear.

However, she didn’t give up yet. She texted another of her closest friends, using many signs of excitement. Extra letters, exclamation points. She expected a small retaliation of excitement, because the girl had passed through many emotional moments with this friend.

“What?” was her friends response.

No extra letters, or signs, no happy face. The girl knew, that the absence of those things means her friend was not up to hear her good news. She felt her happiness being eclipsed by the lack of support she had looked for in her friends.

That day when the girl got home, she didn’t rejoice in the news that had made her happy. She cried, because the people she had wanted to share it with, the ones she had supported so many times before, had failed to be there for her.

If they couldn’t be there when she was happy, would they be there when she was sad?


I mean, as long as we keep
living, there is always hope.
And that is beautiful.
And that sets us free.
Anything can happen.
We just gotta keep trying.

-Nic Sheff


These are among the most inspiring words I had ever read. They come from Nic Sheff’s blog, google it.

I mean, I always worry about what I will do with my life, will it be good, will I succeed?


The truth is, even if I take APs (which I should be doing now), hard classes, get into a good school, get a good job. My happiness, and the worth of my life doesn’t depend on that. I put the value on my life. I decide to make it worthwhile, maybe a diploma makes it worthwhile, maybe my friend’s laugh, or the eyes of the guy I like make it worthwhile. Maybe it’s all of it.