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Story Time

There was once a girl. She tried her very best to be there for all her friends. For the people she cared for the most. Then one day, she was in an incredibly good mood. She talked to one of her best friends, telling her the good news that had made her happy.

“That won’t work out” her friend said.

The girl just looked at her friend, and she felt the happiness and hope, which were pretty rare in her life, starting to disappear.

However, she didn’t give up yet. She texted another of her closest friends, using many signs of excitement. Extra letters, exclamation points. She expected a small retaliation of excitement, because the girl had passed through many emotional moments with this friend.

“What?” was her friends response.

No extra letters, or signs, no happy face. The girl knew, that the absence of those things means her friend was not up to hear her good news. She felt her happiness being eclipsed by the lack of support she had looked for in her friends.

That day when the girl got home, she didn’t rejoice in the news that had made her happy. She cried, because the people she had wanted to share it with, the ones she had supported so many times before, had failed to be there for her.

If they couldn’t be there when she was happy, would they be there when she was sad?