My Tweets: Thoughts on Twitter

I see lots and lots of posts about Facebook, and none about twitter! I’m sure they’re out there but I don’t see them.

I have mixed feelings about twitter. In an attempt to sort them out, while making a post, I have decided to do the Pros and Cons list.


1. I can see what celebrities think! – This may seem extremely superficial. And most celebrities just remind you to “Watch my video!” or “I’m on I-tunes!”. However, I don’t follow most of those celebrities. Maybe the people I follow can’t even be called celebrities. Some of the people I follow, are extremely witty. Their tweets make me laugh. Also, the fact that I can see what this super cool person I want to meet is thinking, is just freaking awesome.

2. No judgement for updating your status! – One of the best things of Facebook is the status update. However, on Facebook, when you update your status to much, you get annoying. Twitter is like status central, no one cares if you tweet to much (OK thats a lie, but no one cares that they care!). Update all you want!

3. The lingo is cute – This is a sucky reason, but I love saying “Tweet” or “Twitpic”


1. I feel stupid when I tweet- Because I am not a celebrity, I don’t have a zillion replies. So Tweeting is pretty much like talking to yourself. Cool? Yeah? No.

2. It gets boring– After you read all the tweets, what else is there to do? Sit around and wait for more tweets? Yeah, I don’t think so.

3. That stupid whale – That whale when twitter is to full. It’s so damn cute, yet you hate it.

4. The Trending Topics – Oh my god, the trending topics of twitter are horrible. They are without a doubt the dumbest things ever. I hate Justin Bieber, and lets just say the “beliebers” apparently have great power over the trending topics. Which makes me hate them even more. No one cares if it’s #mytimenow, or if #aliensatetheworld.

So those are my thoughts on twitter. I should go and capitalize Twitter, but I am sleepy so I’ll skip that. Even though there are more Cons than Pros, I’ll probably still check twitter alot, mostly becuase I get bored, and even though Twitter is not SUPER FUN it can be entertaining for a bit.

With that I leave you. Remember to go follow me! (Just Kidding)


Let’s Be Positive


My blog is extremely negative haha

In an attemp to bring goodness and happiness to this blog, I shall focus on the good things! Yesterdays list was the things that made me sad. Today we’ll go the other way. I’ll even put pictures in an attempt to bring color and therefore joy.

Music- Makes me happy, most of the time at least.

Let’s Get Specific:

My Chemical Romance and The Ready Set make me smile, anything from them. A video a song, an interview. I smile

My friends make me pretty happy too. At least the good ones.

Weekends make me happy.

Water puts a smile on my face. I mean this as in, if I get a big water  bottle, cold, I am content

Sleeping and eating are two of my favorite things in the world.

A good book = :D

A good movie is good too.

My family, mostly my brothers and my uncle (who’s like a brother to me, due to the very small age difference).

Painting makes me happy, I enjoy it. However, when I get pushed to do something, I get frustrated.

Well then, I think that sums most of my happy things. I bet there’s more, but I feel like typing other stuff. More Posts on random crap coming up!

Be happy people, don’t be like yours truly, who’s been sad lately.


Annoying People

I a going to be a brat right now.

My parents, are the most annoying people I know as of right now. I love them, I am grateful for them, but they annoy the hell out of me. Every word I hear from them, makes me want to roll my eyes.
Some people say this is due to my teenage years, well, that could be true. However, its the hypocrisy of my parents that annoys me. They preach about the good behavior and values, yet they fail to follow them. Consideration? I have to have it, but them? Nah.

They refuse to give me my space.
Me doing homework equals me avoiding them, in their eyes.
When they piss me off, they expect me to smile.

I am probably being petty, bratty, annoying. But I am willing to bet anything, MOST OF YOU have felt the same some time of your life. Don’t lie now.

Story Time

There was once a girl. She tried her very best to be there for all her friends. For the people she cared for the most. Then one day, she was in an incredibly good mood. She talked to one of her best friends, telling her the good news that had made her happy.

“That won’t work out” her friend said.

The girl just looked at her friend, and she felt the happiness and hope, which were pretty rare in her life, starting to disappear.

However, she didn’t give up yet. She texted another of her closest friends, using many signs of excitement. Extra letters, exclamation points. She expected a small retaliation of excitement, because the girl had passed through many emotional moments with this friend.

“What?” was her friends response.

No extra letters, or signs, no happy face. The girl knew, that the absence of those things means her friend was not up to hear her good news. She felt her happiness being eclipsed by the lack of support she had looked for in her friends.

That day when the girl got home, she didn’t rejoice in the news that had made her happy. She cried, because the people she had wanted to share it with, the ones she had supported so many times before, had failed to be there for her.

If they couldn’t be there when she was happy, would they be there when she was sad?

Crap That Makes Me Sad

If we start looking at all the bad things in the world, we would never end. this is also true for the good things of the world, but right now, I am in a crappy mood. So I want to focus on the crap side of the world.

For me, sadness and anger usually go hand in hand, so most things that make me sad, make me angry.

When my parents pretend to know me.

When I am judged.

When people jump to conclusions.

When they don’t listen.

When I am not taken seriously on serious matters.

When I am sad, and I get scolded for it.

When I try my best, but it isn’t enough.

When I don’t see a certain person.

When my friends aren’t there for me.

This is the pretty general things, other bad situations branch out of this. When I have to lie, when I get bad grades, When my opinions aren’t repected, When I hear really stupid things.

Me being sad results mostly in me crying. Never bottle up your tears, because most of the time, crying and feeling horrible for a minute, will help you feel better for an hour.


“Music first. The rest, we’ll figure it out”


Some people smoke, some drink, some do drugs, some cut, some read, some scream.

I listen to music. Sometimes, I feel like its not a very good outlet, because sometimes it just makes you feel even more emotional. Thing is, I’m not interested in dulling my emotions. Music has given me that option, to channel my emotions healthily. Hey, maybe I’ll be on my I-pod more than your average joe, but I won’t get drunk or high every other day.


Some people listen to happy songs when they’re sad, in an attempt to cheer up. I just like amplify my mood with the songs I hear, anger equals hard rock, sadness-sad songs etc etc. Whatever I’m listening to just makes my feelings grow, it’s not weird for me to cry with a song if I’m sad.


So yeah, Music, my healthy outlet.


I mean, as long as we keep
living, there is always hope.
And that is beautiful.
And that sets us free.
Anything can happen.
We just gotta keep trying.

-Nic Sheff


These are among the most inspiring words I had ever read. They come from Nic Sheff’s blog, google it.

I mean, I always worry about what I will do with my life, will it be good, will I succeed?


The truth is, even if I take APs (which I should be doing now), hard classes, get into a good school, get a good job. My happiness, and the worth of my life doesn’t depend on that. I put the value on my life. I decide to make it worthwhile, maybe a diploma makes it worthwhile, maybe my friend’s laugh, or the eyes of the guy I like make it worthwhile. Maybe it’s all of it.