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Christmas Transition

This Christmas I noticed something. My younger brothers were getting presents from our family friends, but I was being excluded.

I know, Christmas is about giving and Jesus being born. But hey, I am a teenager and I want presents! I am not asking for anything fancy but even a card acknowledging that I am a part of the family you are gifting would be nice (if you wish to include money inside said card, no one is stopping you.)

Last year, I got presents. so maybe it’s that now they think that I’m too old or something. Well let me ask you something Mr. Family Friend. Do you like presents on your birthday? How old are you? Oh, 45 you say?

I thought so.

So, I am sorry if I sound super selfish and materialistic. Really I feel left out of the holiday cheer. And maybe you know, I like presents as much as my 8 year old brother.

Now hold your judgmental thoughts and ideas! Because I am willing to bet my non-existent gift, that you love presents as much as I do. You know I’m right