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Story Time Again

Once upon a time, in a far far away country that you have never heard of, lived a teenage girl.

This girl, who used to have pretty depressing days, was happy most of the time now. This same girl, could not sleep at 3 am.

Tragic, I know.

So, to become sleepy, this girl, I’ll call her G (as in Girl), started reading Manga. That’s how cool she was.

However! Tragedy arose again! G finished her manga, all 28 volumes of Rurouni Kenshin (Samurai X for those who don’t know) were finished. She highly recommend reading this manga too, and watching the Anime. Yes, she watched anime, that’s how cool she is.

G was now faced with a dilema. What could she do to become sleepy, she could start watching or reading Naruto, as that was her next japanese thing. No, not today. She could do homework. Actually that’s a lie, G never considered doing homework.

She decided to get on Facebook. That however, is another story.

She browsed, and got bored. She texted and got bored.

Boredom brought her to WordPress to write this incredible pointless story. Which, you know, she is doing right now.

That is where our story comes to an end.

I would say, “they all lived happily ever after” but my story is about ONE girl, plus I bet that phrase is under copy right.

The End